Custom Brokerage

We have partnered with private in individuals, association and corporations licensed to and regulated by the U.S and E.U custom and Boarder protection (CBP) to assist importers and exporters in meeting Federal requirements governing imports and exports.


We also have partnered with warehouses and fulfillment centers around the world to ensure that the import or export of a package is carefully packed and arrive in safe hands.

Cargo Express

We ensure compliance with cargo express inc. as we are also specialized in the transportation of temperature controlled freight, meat, hauling beer, frozen foods, and fresh agriculture products, as well as selected consumer products.

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Customer Satisfication Tools

Customer satisfaction is our watch word, this is why we have integrated a a subtle feedback bar on our website, this enable customers to reach us even faster in situations where our call lines are busy, and be sure to get a quick response.

Management & Reporting

Our company ensures proper analysis, report and documentation of data provided to us by our team of analysts to ensure the best quality services to prospective customers, our management programs are available to keep the managements up to date with latest worldwide trends and requirements required to ensure a smooth delivery to customers

Freight Payment Options

Freight payment is a collection of processes that involves the provision of accounts payable for services of transportation invoices. Freight payment services providers, such as a 3PL, act as the intermediary between the shipper and the carrier to receive, process, and pay invoices.

Compliance Solutions

We are in total compliance with the DG Autocheck, Timatic AutoCheck, IMX, IATA and TACT. We also Leverage our operational dashboards to reduce contact with individual airlines, handling agents or airport operators, We are alson in compliance with the COVID immgration regulations.

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